Summary Meet Mee Mechelen

Flanders, the Northern region of Belgium, is one of the most urbanized in the world, with a population density close to 500 inhabitants/km². This leads to pressure on the environmental quality. Citizen observatory Meet Mee Mechelen aims to gather and share data on air quality and urban noise and improve the dialogue between citizens and decision makers on the local living environment, specifically on air quality and noise. Meet Mee Mechelen’s mission is to become an online and offline meeting place where stakeholders gather and build data, share information and knowledge about air quality and ambient noise and make it accessible for everyone, to support policy making and initiatives for a better living environment. The citizen observatory envisions a city in which all stakeholders cooperate in a sustainable and constructive manner to keep on improving the air quality and the soundscape.

Since its launch in 2017, Meet Mee Mechelen has organized several measurement campaigns to monitor local air quality in Mechelen. Volunteers spent 8 weeks in 4 seasons collecting data by cycling through the city with measurement devices, making a total of 2800 km and 280 hours of observations. All data have been jointly analyzed and can be checked on this website. The analysis of these data has been presented at several workshops and events and was the starting point to decide on actions to improve air quality. This list of actions has become a guiding document for our actions on air quality. The debate on sound and nuisance has focused on the impact of car traffic and the balance between a lively city and liveable city.

End of 2019 Meet Mee Mechelen has joined forces with Klimaan. New information on ongoing is published on the Klimaan Website form December 2019 onwards.

If you want to know more about Meet Mee Mechelen, you can contact Stijn Vranckx (VITO) via stijn dot vranckx at vito dot be or + 32 14 33 67 62.